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Prof. Dr. Rafael M. Pineda

Prof. Dr. Rafael Manuel Pineda, through a request from the then dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Rosario, Dr. Juan Pablo Recagno Cepeda, was the first president and organizer of the Rosario Medical Sciences Foundation that he leads today, with justice, his name. From the beginning, he took on the challenge of putting together, projecting and consolidating one of the first foundations of our environment, both for the works carried out and for the leading role he achieved in the academic, social and political life of his time. His son-in-law, Roberto I. Tozzini, wrote about him, words that must remain in the memory: “My dear friend Don Roberto Nicholson, asks me for some lines to remember the old lion that is already resting in his eternal home. Evoking Rafael Manuel Pineda is a particularly complex task for me due to the limitations imposed on me by my condition as a political son and permanent collaborator in his main activity, which was his dear and dear medical vocation, but I will lend lightness to my task, relying on the phrases or paragraphs that some of his distinguished friends pronounced or wrote on the occasion of his ninety years or the transit to the afterlife. "Alberto Muniagurria said of him, as President of the Círculo Médico, addressing a multitude of colleagues who paid tribute to him: "Son of the city that he loved, a doctor forever, teacher, president, academic, philosopher, esthete, illustrious citizen. Not many received the tributes he reaped. Not many could say with the tranquility he mentioned: I only have beautiful memories of the life, I forgot about the others. ” And Jack Benoliel, a distinguished orator, journalist and writer, expressed the following: "All that we have loved in him, what we have admired in him, remains. Our ideas, our writings, our feelings and actions, and in fulfilling his youth ninety years, he humbly accepted the tributes and manifestations of recognition or admiration that arose around him for his vitality and delivery even our dreams, will bear his masterful mark. ” This is how he passed through life, like a gypsy Don Quixote who advanced, leaving his mark, knocked down many windmills, his passage generated waves and was unsurpassed in his drive, his enthusiasm, his organizational capacity, his ethical sense and his irreducible optimism. nobleman of Spanish immigration in our land, he was a patriot like most, founded a magnificent family, praised the university professorship and practiced his medicine with dedication and love. Through his dedication to the Rosario Medical Sciences Foundation, he consolidated his feat His Catholic convictions were expressed in his service to his neighbor, his social sensitivity and his detachment from all material good.He did not treasure fortune but friends and died as he lived, fighting not to lose the quality of life in the face of the inevitable ailments that progressively limited him. Today, already at a distance, we remember him and miss him a lot. But there is no place for sadness, because those of us who know him well, know that d from somewhere in the universe, he looks at this note with the mischief in his eyes that characterized him. His memory inspires to continue with the Foundation that he founded, promoted, and praised, in tribute to the School of Medicine that developed it and the Centennial Hospital that was his place of work and life, from student to the highest positions that the Academy awarded him. Houssay used to say that a golden cage, with a sparrow inside, neither shines nor attracts attention, but a wire cage with a singing nightingale makes everything shine around it.

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