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Reissue of the book "Ya No Es Tan Grave"

The Foundation contributed funds for the reissue of the book "Ya No Es Tan Grave" by Dr. Jorge Galíndez, which narrates the origins of HIV in society.

The Foundation aims at the Faculty of Medicine and its teaching hospitals, the Centennial and the Baigorria. He dedicates his efforts to rescue inspiration both in teaching, assistance, and research, as well as in outreach activities to society. The HIV / AIDS epidemic, the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, shocked the world, in the 70s, the medical and profane community due to its complex and conflictive characteristics and with a deep social roots as it attacked the marginal groups of which society did not even want to hear about it.

The presentation of this book, "Ya No Es Tan Grave" , by Prof. Dr. Jorge Galíndez he narrates in detail the epic crusade that had a great impact on our environment.

The Foundation supported the reissue of the book and the project of an interactive platform on it , in its desire to support the intrinsic and own quantum energy that gives prominence to our teaching professionals, and therefore to build their leadership within public medicine and thus also amalgamate eminently scientific medicine (based on evidence) with experience, and also in those advances that affect the cultural changes in society, which is a way of creating science. 

Dr. Galíndez, as well as Drs. Fay, Lupo, Weisburg and others, from all the health sciences, assumed in those days of the 70s the challenge of accompanying important cultural changes in the customs of society. A local color was imposed on one of the most dramatic moments in the epidemiological history of the world and therefore of our environment

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