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Future transfer of the Central Laboratory

The Central Laboratory Service will be moved to a new pavilion according to your needs.

The agreement with the HPC Directorate, the Faculty of Biochemical Sciences and the Province was signed with great enthusiasm for the forthcoming transfer of the Central Laboratory to pavilions 13 and 14 of the HPC once the new Hospital bar has been located. The building growth of our institution is clearly the greatest since its foundation in 1916. Go ahead!

The Central Laboratory of the Centennial Hospital arises as such through an agreement between the Ministry of Social Welfare of the Province of Santa Fe, the National University of Rosario and the Secretary of State for Public Health of the Nation, the Faculty maintains in charge the Central Laboratories and Pharmacies of the Centennial Provincial Hospitals and the Eva Perón School Polyclinic in the neighboring town of Granadero Baigorria. On the part of the Faculty, the commitment acquired implies the contribution of human resources, technical and administrative cooperation and participation in the development of the plans, programs, projects and health, care and research campaigns that are established. On the part of the Province, the necessary inputs are provided for said developments.

Thus, from its beginnings, the interdisciplinary nature of the comprehensive patient-centered care was glimpsed. This is constituted as a public analytical sector that provides health services to the Community. In its scope, clinical analyzes are carried out contributing to the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of diseases of human beings and to the preservation of health. It is made up of a Pre-analytical sector that takes care of strict conditions for receiving Samples from the different hospitalization and medical care rooms and in taking samples from outpatients (Extraction) to achieve excellence in results, based on the premise "Good samples make good tests."

Said function is carried out by qualified Nursing and Technical personnel together with suitable Administrative personnel, whose function is the correct and accurate individualization of the patient, achieving their adequate incorporation into the computer system that links us to the doctors receiving the required analytical information. This is followed by the Analytical stage (Sample processing to obtain the results) that is developed in the sections: Hematology; Chemistry; Urology; Endocrinology; Internal Environment and Emergencies (Guard); Cellular Immunity; Serology; Plasma proteins by highly trained Biochemical professionals (specialists and masters).

This stage is developed in first-line automators and cutting-edge techniques that provide efficient and effective results that will be “validated” (Post-analytical stage) by professionals in the context of both internal and external controls of Analytical Quality (depending on the Fundación Bioquímica Argentina); that aim to achieve a Quality management system in our healthcare center, knowing that in this way we can assure, not only the services provided to the community, but also having an “accredited” laboratory to generate a favorable environment for the training of future professionals, in which the laboratory also participates through internships for advanced students in the biochemistry and postgraduate studies.

All this action developed in a field taken care of in its hygiene, security conditions (adequate waste management) and maintenance carried out by General Services personnel who carry out their tasks cooperatively and in sync with the requirements of the Working Group. The Laboratory's Technical Directorate and Headquarters are in charge of biochemists who supervise these described stages. Here, ethical values ​​and critical and flexible attitudes are promoted in the exercise of the biochemical profession, as well as in the rest of the Team, aimed at a continuous updating of knowledge and adaptation to the local and regional realities that nurture our Hospital.

For this, we are part of the Provincial Biochemical Network, being able to respond to almost all medical analytical demands and we participate in the National Epidemiological Surveillance System (SiViLa), as well as in the National Programs on Emerging and Re-emerging diseases in Health field (venereal; infectious contagious; etc.). All this in constant interaction with the medical bodies, participating in seminars, presentation of cases, talks that ratify the importance of constituting ourselves interdisciplinary for mutual enrichment and achieving the objective of the Hospital's mission: "... develop comprehensive health care actions , teaching, research and extension in the community, within the framework of the Health Services Network. ” Bioq. Maria José Svetaz

Head of the Central Laboratory Service

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