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Annual Dinner 2019

On November 29 the traditional annual dinner was held in the halls of the Rosario Stock Exchange.

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Among the universal figures that emerged from the cloisters of the Faculty of Medicine of Rosario is Dr. Félix Umansky , beloved son of our land who shone in his activity and elevated the professional hierarchy for the benefit of society. Eminent neurosurgeon, who worked at the ADASA medical center in Israel.

That is why the commission of the Medical Sciences Foundation of Rosario, unanimously, awards him the Rafael 2019 award. 

The distinguished ones of this year will be:

Gustavo Enz:
For his remarkable generosity in all major decisions, both testamentary, legal, legal as administrators of our foundation, which characterizes it in its life path.

José Luis Ferreti:
For his life dedicated to the advancement of the sciences with an ethical and professional conduct that prioritizes it.

Julio Libman:
Medical figure of hierarchy of the city that has been characterized by his exemplary teaching, academic, healthcare and professional activity.

Bernardo Nudemberg:
History of dedication to the medical profession that from the university as well as in his healthcare work, ranked the professionalism of the doctor in our environment.

Rosario Charitable Society:
Historical institution that has been serving the community since the 19th century, being the oldest in the country.

Argentine Library:
Backbone of the culture of our environment from which emerged the El Círculo Theater Society, the Medical Circle, the Centennial Provincial Hospital and its Faculty of Medicine.

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