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Annual Dinner 2017

The Foundation, like every year, held its Benefit Dinner.

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On Friday, November 3, 2017 at 8:30 p.m. in the Belgrano room of the Rosario Stock Exchange (Paraguay 777 1st floor) the Annual Dinner organized by our institution was held, where distinguished personalities from medicine, the arts and sciences and institutions of our city.

Dr. Juan Carlos Chachques was recognized this year with the "Rafael" award for his career and contribution to medicine. This annual recognition is given to medical personalities who have left throughout their history a legacy of enrichment and development of the medical sciences.

A recognition was given to the doctors won from the biomedical research projects subsidized by this foundation: Dr. Sergio Ghersevich and Dr. Walter Gardeñez.

Miguel Ballesteros entregando a las autoridades, el cuadro que se subastará a beneficio de la Fundación Ciencias Médicas en la cena anual en la Bolsa de Comercio, el 3 de noviembre de 2017

Words by the President of the Dr. Alberto J. Muniagurria Foundation The year 2017 has been full of events for the Hospital Escuela del Centenario, as the government and the foundation have deployed a series of new and maintenance works that position their structures at a level deserved by the community. That is why it is a time to remember three terms that are gaining more and more prominence these days, to reflect, and which are: Potential, Commitment and Future POTENTIAL

Potential is a magnitude (vector or scalar) that allows signaling the possible modification or development to a different state. It can be interpreted as a quantum and intrinsic energy of our institution, as a vibratory, subatomic energy network, that through energy packages that act in a resonance called coherence. The school hospital and our medical faculty, being led by human resources with academic training, have both in Assistance, Teaching, Research and extension to the Community, a coherent energy with extraordinary potential to lead in knowledge and skills in the public health environment

Hospital units such as the Day Hospital, the Dialysis center, which have been a torch in the province for other similar developments, demonstrate how to set the direction of the forces. That intrinsic potential. COMMITMENT Building is not enough, this is simply the skin or covering of what is developed inside it supports, dignifies and accompanies people. But it is not enough- It is essential to develop the commitment of these medical and paramedical human resources so that, by building professional suitability, they find objectives for the progressive advancement of the sciences they embraced, taking into account: our local health problems. Commitment to what we are capable of offering, with health and life. "Commitment to your human partner"


In the future, we continue firmly with the project of the Outpatient Nutrition Center, which is still under study by the Province, but which has the approval of the specialist human resources and the political decision of the Hospital. Once you completed the necessary paperwork hope to deliver turnkey work for the near future are thinking about a new center of offices Oncology to consolidate a benefit increasingly demanded with a decent space delivery center laboratories with the advances They offer liquid biopsy, tumor markers, nanotechnology, etc. etc. The final transfer of the Central Laboratory is under study, as well as the desired final installation of Pathological Anatomy in the hospital.

And we are also dreaming of Virtual Reality for teaching. In this sense we have made contact with experimentation centers in Zaragoza and in Illinois where we are working with ambitious projects.   Hopkins says it better than anyone else in his words ... the Foundation must act as a coordinating, energizing, and generating body of knowledge and spaces that when acting on forces which, when oriented in the same direction, overcome the habitual resistance of other forces that when colliding with each other, eliminate each other. And gentlemen, we are working for the future

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