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Annual Dinner 2005

In December 2005 the 3rd annual Dinner was held in the Patio de la Madera, where with more than 800 guests, Soledad Pastoruti was the invited artist

December 2, 2005
Place: Patio de la Madera
Attendance: 800 guests

The 2005 Annual Dinner was held jointly between the Cs Médica Foundation and the Soledad Pastorutti Foundation. The artist herself, Soledad, gave her strong support to the works of the Bicentennial Centennial Hospital Project, in her character as a famous personality and inhabitant of the south of the province of Santa Fe, which is the area that naturally refers thousands of patients to the Centenary. This Annual Dinner was the most successful so far, due to the number of guests.

The authorities present were: Mtro. of outgoing provincial Health Dr. Juan H. Sylvestre Begnis, Mtra. Provincial Health Department Dr. Silvia Simoncini, the Municipal Health Section Dr. Monica Fein, the director of the Hosp. Centennial Dra. Gilda Tamagno and representatives of Governor Obeid and Mayor Lifschitz.

The former president of the Stock Exchange Federico Boglione was recognized for the effort he had begun to raise the necessary funds for the instrumental equipment of some of the future new rooms of the hospital.

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